Kaizen Blitz - Two Words that Spell Success
Kaizen = the spirit of continuous improvement

Blitz = a short-term, concentrated, lightning-fast assault on workplace wastes and inefficiencies.

Kaizen Blitz = Success for organizations that are serious about optimizing the output of their work-cells or lines. As the first step in our Continuous Improvement program, successful workplace improvements can be rapidly achieved through the Kaizen Blitz Workshop.

Numerous Service and Manufacturing companies are using this form of rapid improvement to streamline operations. They use it to:

  • Reduce non-value added activities
  • Streamline parts, people and information travel within a process
  • Reduce cycle time, flow time and lot size
  • Reduce set-up times
  • Reduce WIP inventories
  • Reduce floor space requirements.
  • Realize improvements in: quality, safety, environmental and 5S issues.

One of the keys to staying competitive in today's economy is the ability to implement improvements throughout your company and supply network. Kaizen Blitz dramatically reduces the cycle time required to implement significant improvements.

Kaizen: Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement
KAIZEN means ongoing improvement involving everyone, including both managers and workers. The KAIZEN philosophy assumes that our way of life - deserves to be constantly improved.

KAIZEN, an approach that has come out of many years of practice in Japan, is one of the most effective ways to bring about change in organizations. It has been tested in the market and proven to work. KAIZEN is a practical approach to problem-solving.

HPM's "Kaizen: Culture of Continuous Improvement" can be easily and quickly applied to your operation. Our team-based, Continuous Improvement Process delivers results.

How the Kaizen Blitz Workshop Works
Our workshop is based upon "rapid cycles" or "bursts" of education/training, followed by immediate application of the concepts learned. The workshop includes:
  • Sessions of awareness-training to promote a change of thinking
  • Analysis and documentation of the current process
  • The learning and testing of "new" approaches
  • Development of a new vision for the work area
  • Rapid implementation
  • The measurement of results

The Kaizen Blitz workshop is focused on a specific target area. Managers, engineers and operators all work together on the shop floor, to make changes immediately - with little or no financial investment.

Team members are usually split 50/50 between those who work in the cell and their internal/external suppliers and customers. "Outside" eyes help challenge existing methods by providing a fresh perspective, while cell members provide the needed process expertise and ownership during and following the Blitz period.

Interested in learning more? Simply click on our detailed description of the Kaizen Blitz Process or view sample results from some of our very satisfied customers.