The Four Phase Kaizen Blitz Process
Phase One - Assessment:
  • Pre-Visit Questionnaire
  • On-Site Analysis
  • Off-Site Assessment and Report Preparation:
  • Identify the opportunities, the priority and sequence of Kaizen Blitz event(s), and provide an approximate cost/savings analysis.
  • Plan the phased communication of the Blitz process and objectives to the rest of the plant.
  • Presentation of Findings and Recommendations:
  • Review the assessment report with your company, within 14 days of the on-site visit.

Phase Two - Workshop Planning

A detailed workshop plan is developed. It:

  • Details the objectives and boundaries of the Blitz;
  • Identifies team members from within the process area and internal and external customers and suppliers;
  • Identifies support resource requirements;
  • Finalizes the preparation of meeting rooms, A-V requirements, supplies, etc.

Phase Three - Implementation

The "Kaizen Blitz" workshop is based on "rapid cycles" or "bursts" of education and training, followed by immediate application of the concepts learned, and includes:

  • Sessions of awareness training to promote a change of thinking;
  • Analysis and documentation of the current process;
  • Learning and testing of "new" approaches;
  • Development of a new vision for the work area;
  • Rapid implementation;
  • The measurement of results.

Phase Four - Follow-Up

Follow-up is crucial to maintaining the workshop's gains, and in the perpetuation of an environment for team-based improvements. Some changes are complex and will require effort beyond the Blitz period, HPM provides one follow-up visit approximately 20 days after the Blitz.

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