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Kaizen: Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement

What is high performance?

HPM Consulting Inc. (HPM), is a Canadian management consulting company, specializing in an integrated approach to manufacturing productivity and quality improvement. HPM has a proven track record that demonstrates our ability to "make things happen" for some of North America’s most prominent companies. By rolling up our sleeves and working with clients - in the boardroom, in the office and on the shop floor - we turn theory into the action that delivers results.

Dramatic results are being realized through the application of HPM Consulting's common sense techniques. We invite you to browse our web site to learn about HPM and our tradition of success.

What Is High Performance?
There are six business characteristics that are shared by High Performance Companies. While each organization may address these issues in a different manner, the pursuit of these goals is never compromised. By adopting the goals outlined below, companies can become true global competitors.

Six Characteristics of High Performance Companies:

1. Quality is the number one priority,

2. Customers are the focus of everything they do,

3. Continuous Improvement is their most formidable competitive weapon,

4. Employee participation is a way of life,

5. Suppliers, distributors and the surrounding community are partners,

6. Integrity is never compromised.

When companies decide to adopt Continuous Improvement, and transform their operations from traditional practices to those of High Performance Manufacturing, the effects on the organization are often dramatic.

Put HPM's experience to work for your organization. Take on the challenge of becoming a High Performance company.